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WordPress Updating From Your Mobile

Do you update your website as regularly as your social media? Most websites are quite static or wait until a long article is published, while the social media accounts have lots of updates. Often visitors are asked to visit a Facebook page to get the latest information. This was exactly the case for a new website I was building for a very busy community hall, when I asked would they like to post updates to their website from their mobile it was an instant yes.

Why do people post up to social media and not their website?

  • The likes of facebook, twitter, instagram etc make it super easy to send a new post using a mobile. Doing the same up to your website just isn’t straight forward or impossible.
  • The website isn’t configured to display short, snappy updates. Most websites are set for displaying long form articles
  • They are very very focused on getting content on social media rather than their website for obvious reasons of engagement

Advantages of adding content to your website as well as social media.

The obvious advantage is that for those who are not on social media, all your latest information is on the website and you can direct people there instead of your social media accounts. You are of course adding content to your website which if optimised is never a bad thing for SEO , search engine optimisation

I’m not saying you shouldn’t post on social, but why not update your website as well?

By ensuring the website is designed to display those posts added by your mobile in a way which is optimised for short posts and having share buttons for your posts, you can share from your website up to your social media accounts. Why bother doing that? Because the link/url and image of that post are displayed on social media account.

Community website updated from their mobile

A busy community site will have many groups and activities, by providing an application so they can update their website from their mobile, ensuring the post is associated with the correct activity and category and ensuring the website is designed to display them, they are able to have a real living website.

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