Your Living News Website

Sending all your updates to social media?
Nothing new on your website?

Take Control Of Your Content

Broadcast your news direct from your mobile, and have a website showing your very latest updates all the time.

Mobile -> Website -> Share

Send your text, images and video* from your mobile
View your new post on the website straight away
Share your update to your favourite social media platforms.

Whether You have An Existing Website Or Not, We've Got You Covered


Your own latest news website, updated using your mobile. Branded and seamlessly connected with your existing website.


The same as Standalone, but enables multiple members to send updates from their mobile

Map View

Display your posts on a map, showing exactly where your posts were added. With full searching facility

Bespoke Development

Want to send updates into your existing website? Need a new website which has Living Websites facilities? Need to collect bespoke content? Get in touch to discuss your project.

Why Use Living Website?

Are you able to send news updates to your website from your mobile? Living Websites allows you to do exactly that, and is very popular with businesses who send updates to Facebook, and other social media sites, but don’t send them to their own website.

Great, we can quickly get you going. We give you an address eg, set it up to your branding, and you can start updating it from your mobile. You can ask your website developer to add a link on your existing website over to your living website site. Have a look here to see some other features you can use to make sure your localradar news fits smoothly with your website.

Most businesses have static websites and find it cumbersome to update their content. Have a living, upto to date website.

Most businesses rely on social media to spread their most up to date news. But not everyone is on social media, and those who are get distracted. With a Living Website, you can broadcast your latest news without someone needing to log in.

By sending your news using a Living Website, your website is having new content added each and everytime. We follow best SEO practice, including your town name.

When you send updates direct to social media, you don’t own the content. With Living Website you own and have access to all your updates

If you have news to be sent from different locations, send the updates with a geolocation setting. 

Interested in a Living Website?

If you think a Living Website might be for you, please get in touch using the form below and we can arrange a discovery call