Search engine optimisation, SEO, or being seen online, is an umbrella term for many activities. We divide them up into three areas – technical audit, content audit and strategy and development, ensuring you have oversight of what we are doing and why.

SEO Technical Audit

The SEO technical Audit investigates the underlining issues on your websites. Fixing any problems ensures we have a strong foundation to move onto the next stage in optimisation. 


Before any actions, we check that there are backups and monitoring of website visitors, google analytics being the most common.

Links, Redirects

Internal Pages, Indexability, Links and Redirects (IILR)

Page Structure

The individual page structure is reviewed, including the images.

Performance Optimisation

Ensuring the pages load fast. There may be several remedies in order to solve any problems.

SEO Content Audit

The SEO Content Audit looks into where you are at the moment with your content and provides base line actions we can take to improve the search engine optimisation.

Keyword Analysis

What keywords do you want to rank in the search engines for?

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors and how are they ranking for the keywords.

Content Alterations

Is your content optimised for the keywords or phrases that you want to rank for? What alterations can we make to exisintg pages to boost the optimisation


Incoming links to your website, especially from 'good' websites. We also look at internal links and links out to other websites

SEO Strategy and Development

The SEO Strategy and Development is the creation of a target plan, and is a cyclical process. We propose ideas and implement agreed strategies, analyse, review and implement changes.

Step 1


We create a strategy and review with you, taking into account elements from the audit and your business objectives
Step 2

Content Development

Development of new or existing content needed for the agreed strategy plan
Step 3


Tracking how the strategy is progressing.
Step 4


Overall how is the strategy performing.