How Much Does SEO For a Small Business? A Look At Affordable SEO Packages.

In today’s digital age, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a critical component of every successful business strategy. For small businesses, however, the cost of SEO services can be a significant concern. This blog post will delve into the question that many small business owners ask: “How much does SEO cost for a small business?” […]

WordPress Rest API Example

wordpress api globe example

A simple WordPress Rest API example. The WordPress API is little known outside of developer circles, with businesses understandably having no idea what it is or why they should be bothered knowing about it. It is a huge subject but I’ll try and explain here the what, why and an example (the how is another […]

WordPress Updating From Your Mobile

wordpress mobile updater example

Do you update your website as regularly as your social media? Most websites are quite static or wait until a long article is published, while the social media accounts have lots of updates. Often visitors are asked to visit a Facebook page to get the latest information. This was exactly the case for a new […]

Interactive Maps and Charts on WordPress

Interactive Map WordPress

Adding content doesn’t have to be just about images, video and text. Interactive pages of use to your visitor can create stickiness – google likes that! There are thousands of public datasets but as an experiment we decided to add an interactive map of the open petitions on the UK government website. Finding The Data […]