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Get found locally – online and offline

Website health check, conversion goals, reviews, directory listings and more..

Local SEO – Getting found online and offline

Would you like more exposure online locally? Getting found locally is a service we provide for our clients who want help with digital marketing specifically targeted to the local market. You can’t ignore the offline methods of marketing but we mix the offline and online to get the best results.

We have clients from Windsor to Bristol, from businesses selling cupcakes to world developers of electronic chips. Understanding you and your business is the the first item on our agenda. What your service or products are, who your clients are, how they find you, what you have in place at the moment – we can’t help you without working through this with you.

But it is more than SEO, nothing is wasted.

All of the work we carry out for optimisation is good practice and we believe is generlaly good for your business in other ways – not just for getting seen more on google.Ensuring your website structure is correct, your content is easy to read and of value, to reviews and testimonials, directory listings and social media activity.

We are also from the school of do you want more clicks or more business, so we look at the conversion rates  and the user experience of your website.

There is only one expert who knows your business inside out – YOU

We can’t do it without you. Yes we could read a few articles on your niche business and write some articles but we do like to have input from yourselves and learn what is unique about you and your brand.

The Local Search Engine Optimisation Process

  • Website health check – and updates required from that activity
  • Keywords and Keyword Phrases Identification, Keyword Research and page keyword targeting
  • Setup monitoring of keywords and competitors
  • Google My Business Setup monitoring of keywords and competitors
  • Citations and directories
  • Blogging and content
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Schema
  • Use of social media and integration with the website.

There are some basics we have to check , for example under the bonnet of your website we make sure the engine is switched on.  But then we want to add some real va va zoom to it.

We setup goals and monitoring of the activity. There are many paths to take and we want to keep checking as we go along that we are on the right track and we are picking up the golden nuggets along the way.

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