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Get prepared for helping your SEO expert

January 3rd, 2015 | | Tags:

Are you just about to engage someone to help you with your SEO? If you are then great.  As the Brownie moto goes ‘be prepared’ .

Do you think they will know all about your business and what makes you unique? Here are 7 preparation tips which you can do now. You could say ‘isn’t the SEO expert going to do this?’ But they are going to have alot to do anyway and the more you can do for them, the more time they can spend doing what they are really good at – the SEO. Sitting down in a kick off meeting and the client having the following information is just great.

Gather up all your logins

Make sure you have all your logins together and please make sure all the social media logins are under your account, not an employee.

Photographing your customers

Start taking photos of your customers, holding the product you have made them or standing infront of that great kitchen you’ve just installed. Trying to go back in time and getting these sort of photos is extremely time consuming and usually doesn’t happen. Ask their permission to use it on web, social media, brochures etc. Ask if you can use their name , if not then make a note of it.

Get in touch with your webmaster

Contact your webmaster and see what level of access he/she will be able to give your SEO expert, and ask for a specific login for your prospective new team member. Having a good relationship with your webmaster will be very helpful, your SEO expert may find some fundamental issues with your website which need fixing, whether they are a big or small technical challenge, if you can’t have your website altered easily at a cost you are happy with then it is better to sort out that dilemma before you engage the time of someone else.

Collate your collateral

Gather up all your collateral. When someone is engaged to do your SEO , they should want to find out as much as you and your business as possible. Your existing flyers and brochures will help them get a feel for who you are and what you do. Don’t make the mistake that it is pretty obvious what you do.

Note down questions asked

Now you may or may not have done this one for your website. Start writing down questions people ask you when they ring up about your service and/or products. Think and write down the answers which you usually give. These questions are give some great inspiration for articles or new page content which more often than not people need when trying to get a higher ranking on their website. Again even though your SEO expert will need to format and put together the pages, the content will be there.

Your competitors

Write down a list of your main four or five competitors

Organise your photos

Again you may have done this for your website, but images do help in many ways for SEO. Any photos you have, gather them together and organise them in folders and name them appropriately. Now I am not saying to resize them. Just put them together in an orderly way. Your SEO expert may re-name them when they load them onto your website or re-use them but don’t presume that they will now what they are looking at when viewing a picture. Only you with your expert eye will know exactly what the image represents.


10 things to do to prepare your business for SEO

This slideshow has some really good points, some are for bigger companies with IT departments controlling their website, but most are very valid for even a small business taking on seo services.