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Dont’ forget – the email marketing website pages

February 16th, 2014 | | Tags:

With all the planning you are doing for your email campaigns, don’t forget about the website and email marketing integration which is going to support it and the various pages you’ll need to put in place.

Some of the pages may seem mundane and boring initially but remember they are all pages which are ‘touch points’ to your customers and shouldn’t be dismissed.

Your email solution software will have some standard pop ups that can be used instead of some of the pages below but having your own branded pages gives you more control and ability to give your own message to the subscriber or unsubscriber!

1. The subscribe form – this may be a simple form on each page, a hello-bar or pop-up. But having a dedicated page enables you to monitor how many visitors you have to that page and therefore knowing at least how many visitors may be interested in your e-shot . The so called ‘squeeze’ page also provides you with more space to entice and explain your e-shot. Websites now use a mixture of these for displaying the sign-up form.

2. The unsubscribe from our e-shot page – although you will, or should, have an unsubscribe single click on your newsletter, having a page with an unsubscribe gives a feeling of security to your potential subscriber. In marketing terms, this is still a customer or potential customer touch point . The article here has some excellent examples on optimising the email unsubscribe page.

3. Thank you for sign-up – once someone signsup, they are sent to this page. Tell them what is going to happen next, if it is a double opt-in list tell them they are going to receive a confirmation email, make it big and clear that they are going to receive an email and they need to click on the link.

4. Thank you for confirming your confirmation – this is for double opt-in lists and appears when someone clicks on the confirmation link in the email. You know they are keen at this stage, why not ask them to view a case study, see your latest products or read your latest article.

5. The unsubscribe confirmation page – on unsubscribing, the unsubscriber is sent to this page. Use this page to find out why they have unsubscribed. Try to entice them to join another list which is maybe not as frequent or one which just has special offers. People unsubscribe from e-shots for all sorts of reasons .