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9 ways to use email marketing other than for newsletters

February 16th, 2014 | | Tags:

Do you think of emailing marketing as just sending out newsletters? There are many reasons why an email may land in someone’s inbox and here are 9 ways to leverage the use of e-shots :-

  1. Event Invitations – and include a ‘I can’t make it button’ and a ‘I’ll have to see’ button to try and gather some reaction from the recipient.
  2. Membership, subscription or service reminder – maybe you run a plumbing company where you’d like to send your clients an annual reminder about servicing their boiler.
  3. New Service and Change of Service Information – sometimes this is the only information clients are interested in especially if you are adding new products and expanding. But don’t call it a newsletter – call it a ‘new product’ email, or additional services email. People then don’t feel as if you are doing the ‘hard sell” on them.
  4. Hints and Tips – Yes – but be specific and provide some information in your e-shot but have more in-depth information on your website to encourage them to click through.
  5. First to know priority e-shots – great way of building up your subscriber list and is something the clothing company Boden does.
  6. Vouchers or only for those on our list – have offers which you are only going to give to people if they have received your e-shot.
  7. Free Downloads – this can be put in place using email.
  8. Courses or information over a series of emails
  9. Blog to Email – do you have a blog or a particular category which you think people would be interested in receiving in their inbox?